The ImVure™ Story.



How is ImVure™ different from other coaching methods?



What is the #BADHABITDETOX™?






The ImVure™ Story
ImVure™ Founder Nastasya Rose was sitting in a car, crying, in the middle of Bronx, New York. She was done with life. Only 20 years old.

Regardless of this, one thing was clear. She still wanted to help people. She knew this, but she did not have a powerful company name.

Pondering and crying in this car for hours, finally she found a name she could stick with. Once she got one that was decent, she began to run.

After enrolling into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she started to learn on the power of coaching others and fell in love. For the first time in her life, she felt there was a way to give back.

Months after starting holistic coaching school, she was arriving late to work. She said, “God, if I am going to get let go, I am ready, and will do whatever You say.”

Once she arrived at the office, the CFO and VP Controller were near her desk, telling her to pack her belongings.

Living in New York, no job, NO knowledge of how to set up a website, and no control of her alcohol drinking, she was still going to make a way with her 401K saved for years from working in corporate accounting.

Obviously, she still failed, and became evicted from her home.

The day before the Marshals came to evict her off the premises arrived, she fit whatever she could into an Enterprise-rented white Chevy Impala of the year, and rode in style to Miami, Florida. The journey continued in her attempt for a successful coaching practice.

Clearly, that didn’t work either. She caught two DUIs in the same year, only months apart.

If that wasn’t enough, she ran away again, in her then Toyota Corolla to Texas, in attempt to create a successful fitness workshop after achieving her certification in Advanced Kettlebell Training.

She fell asleep on the wheel, the car flipped 7 times, broke her left collarbone, 9 stitches on her mouth, and now with no car, and no home.

Nastasya finally accepted her crossroads, and said, “Enough is enough”. She went and stayed with her aunt in North Carolina.

Now, Nastasya was empty. Completely.

She enrolled into an online university for Psychology, and continued her Psychology major she tried to pursue in New York. Failed at three universities before finding the one she could stick with consistently in her studies.

Not only did she make progress in her education, she also made progress in love. An entrepreneurial aspiring barber was showing she believed in her, regardless of all her flaws.

Now, almost ten years later, DUI free, living with her boyfriend and toddler son, 5 certifications, multiple speaking engagements, consistent social media Live videos, and continued studies for her PhD in Performance Psychology, Nastasya Rose has revived her coaching practice, and has created the most groundbreaking coaching program of her entire career.

ImVure™ has now served hundreds of clients, and is only increasing in value.

The ImVure™ Way shows the truth on perseverance. You CAN achieve greatness EVEN IF you’ve fallen hard.




How is ImVure™ different from other coaching methods?

ImVure’s CEO and Founder, Nastasya Rose, battled many personal challenges throughout her life, including weight gain, addiction, and relationship dysfunction, prior to committing her life to self-mastery.

By becoming a fitness expert, certified holistic health coach, and working towards her PhD in Performance Psychology, Nastasya realized that mind, body and soul are all connected and working together to produce the results you see in your life.

She has also been able to obtain the following credentials:

  • CHHC – Certification in Holistic Health Coaching, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • IAHC Board Certification, International Association for Health Coaches
  • Dragon Door RKC – Advanced Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • NASM -CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CMT – Certified Medical Transcriptionist, Career Step

There are many coaching methods out there. Ours just happen to create breakthroughs that stand out.

At ImVure™, we guide you to know & be connected with your goals so you can maximize your time and identify what you need, with a life coach at your fingertips.

Our Approach

ImVure™’s Premium coaching is the combination of all three modalities – mind, body, and soul.

Many people don’t realize that their struggle in one of these areas is related to the other two. It’s like fixing one leg of a stool, while the other two are still broken.

Instead, ImVure™ carefully and effectively supports you to take action – every week – to make significant improvements in your overall life quickly.

No matter what you are struggling with, your ImVure™ coach will guide you to the achievement of your goals with love and leadership. You will not feel alone.


Coaches with a hard edge can slow your growth. You need to trust your coach, so you can share honestly and make progress. Our coaches are loving and compassionate, as they guide you step-by-step.


Coaches who are too soft can lack results. Instead, you need accountability, drive and focus. Our coaches make sure you take the action to achieve results, so your success is highly likely.


We know what it is like to make an investment, and regret it after seeing the truth of the service. We are not like other companies. We are not afraid to help you when you are different than the average human. No matter the battle, we will guide you to create results, rid bad habits, and use fitness as your battlefield forever.




What is the #BADHABITDETOX™?
We encourage you to start with our signature program, the Bad Habit Detox™ Coaching Program. Why? Because unraveling the challenges in your life requires us to look at the truth of bad habits holding you back in mind, body and soul.

Remember, you can’t achieve a fit body without a clear mind. Your mind won’t be clear without peace and a sense of purpose.

With the Bad Habit Detox™, we work in 90 Days increments. Real change takes time, but not as much as you think!

In 90 Days, you could have:

  • Conquered the most challenging topics in your life
  • Mastered the art of moving forward and making change
  • Dropped weight, gained muscle or both
  • Achieved the new goals we set during your coaching, in record time
  • The ability to never fall off your fitness routine, ever again

You will have coaching calls with your ImVure™ Coach, daily support, and weekly check-ins.

When you’re making new changes, accountability and motivation are key. Doubts and fears will surface every day and need to be handled in real time.

With ImVure™, you always have a coach at your fingertips.

The Bad Habit Detox™ Coaching Program will help you refocus throughout the month with video tips, email, and text support.




Mind Coaching

Your mind is your most precious gift. It’s the place where all change begins and its importance is frequently underestimated. Often people let their past define them, which limits their ability to create greatness moving forward.

You are no longer the person you were before.

Do you still have patterns and habits that may need to be adjusted? Absolutely.

Our Mind Coaching will help you achieve:

  • Peace of mind about your life: the future and the past
  • Let go of your past, so you can move on with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Make peace with family members, intimate partners, or friends
  • Identify limiting patterns in your life and create new empowering ones
  • Learn the mental strategies of highly effective, successful people
  • Become your own best friend, mentor and cheerleader

Our coaches are all Certified Holistic Health Coaches, which means you’re getting a qualified and highly trained professional with a nationally recognized certification and over 200 Hours of training.

Soul Coaching

When we say soul, we mean becoming all you were meant to be in your lifetime. Knowing your life purpose. Every person needs to feel important, special and purposeful.

To us, your soul is your essence – the part of you that never changes, no matter what weight you are, what job you have or what mistakes you make.

Your soul may not be an area you’ve explored or it may be one that you have considered deeply. If you have “soul” challenges, you may see symptoms like:

  • Addiction, frequent intoxication or excessive use of drugs/alcohol
  • Being overweight, having eating disorders, or over-exercising
  • Feeling restless, unfulfilled, or depressed
  • Trouble managing anger, sadness or moodiness
  • Hating your job but not knowing what to do next
  • Feeling confused about why you’re here and what your purpose is

Our Soul Coaching technique focuses on exploring your gifts, interests, talents, and passions, so you can:

  • Release limiting behaviors, like the ones listed above
  • Choose a career that feels exciting
  • Create a sense of confidence and self-assuredness
  • Have healthy relationships with loved ones
  • Feel excited about life again

Don’t underestimate the importance of Soul Coaching. We can see what you can’t yet, and the truth is you are here for a WAY bigger purpose than you ever thought possible.

We just need to hit the reset button, so life can feel the way you always thought it would.

Body Coaching

The joy of having energy and a strong body is hard to describe. If you’re troubled with weight challenges or addiction problems, you’ve lost sight of how good you can actually feel.

Fitness is like life’s greatest anti-depressant. It’s a little challenging at first to begin, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll never want to go back.

Our Body Coaching is unique in that we never push a diet or specific exercise program onto you. You’re a unique person, and if you don’t like what you’re eating or the way you’re working out, you won’t stick with it.

Instead, we explore all the options, having you test things with a sense of curiosity, so you can find the perfect way of eating and exercising, based on your interests and lifestyle.

We pair this exploration with accountability, encouragement and motivation, so you can finally achieve the healthy body you want.

With our Body Coaching training, you can expect to achieve:

  • Intuitive eating that helps you achieve and maintain your optimal weight
  • An exercise routine that feels like fun instead of work
  • A new relationship with food, exercise, and your body
  • A positive outlook on life, a renewed sense of confidence, and an overall sense of control
  • Your once-and-for-all fitness plan you can maintain for life

When you give yourself the gift of fitness, health, and balance, your whole world will change. You can do it, and we will get you there.

Our foundation serves to further develop practical knowledge and effective techniques to help guide and teach others on what is possible when we are not defined by our past.

ImVure™ is here with a dynamic mission to bring into the health, fitness, and holistic coaching worlds what has been long overdue.

Our coaching provides dedication, knowledge, and persistence for a more fulfilled way of being.

A life coach at your fingers has arrived with the purpose to help you grow on your path to the ultimate lifestyle you wish to create.