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When it comes to this way of living, there’s one thing lighting us up brighter than a Christmas tree. It’s the way we heal hearts.

The #badhabitdetox™ campaign is where we perform to heal people’s pain. Whether with monologues, music, dance, motivational speeches, or poetry, you feel what it is to breathe again.

There’s nothing more glam-filled than being the best style of you.

In this campaign, you’ll always be inspired to make that happen.

Come join our private Facebook group ImVure™’s Facebook Community  and stay tuned for our latest campaign feature searches.

You never know when that next star to light up the world, can be you.


We talked of this before, and we’ll do it again. We’re just that gosh darn happy about this group!

After years of surveys, questionnaires, research, and programming, we finally figured it out.

What’s the number one thing you wake up for every day?  The top thing you wish to make as real as your dream celebrity date feels?

You got it. A chance to live your wildest dreams.

You want to tell your children, or future children, “Hey. This is what I’ve done. Let this lift you up to do whatever you want to do.”

You want to build your legacy, right?

Well, guess what?

You can’t build your legacy until you say it out loud.

 This is the realest of the real!

Write it on paper. Scream it in a New York minute (sorry, make-believe friends in your living room don’t count), or keep it somewhere easy to see.

If you keep it out of sight, it’ll stay out the Universe’s mind.

But. We know this isn’t easy to do.

Too many heck-to-the-no’s putting us down.

Time to get in your favorite crowd, good lookin’!

The way this group runs is so silly simple.  Three easy steps.

Get in the group and share your dreams,

Then, get motivational videos and masterclasses to make them happen. It doesn’t need to go away at midnight like Cinderella.

Finally, be amazed with your results, and share the group with your homies like whoa. Let them have in on the fun. Can’t hog the boosters to yourself, now.

That’s it! Told ya. Easy peasey.

Hop in here to ImVure’s Creative Community , and we’ll make your dreams a reality. The warm fuzzy feelings are meant to guide you. Click that link.

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