Trim your waistline happy as a clam? ! no way!

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Written by Nastasya Rose

Now. Let’s get real.

We know the deal.

Getting fit and trim isn’t exactly the pumped-up goal.

You run for the biggest wine bottle in the store (or liquor if that’s your fancy), then pour your first drink in the biggest glass you’ve got in the house.

Just to calm the anxiety.

So let me tell you something.

You can get fit and be happy as a clam.

Yup. Ya heard it from me.

Does it take strategy?  Yes. You have to have a few things in order to make this happen.

After research, study and practice, we think we’ve finally figured it out.

So sit back, and have your very last wine glass (or hardcore drink).  You won’t need it for a while.

Fitness comes with connection.

 If you’re not connected to your fitness journey, it’s just not gonna happen.

I’ll save you some time and guarantee you the same gut as that ‘Just Married’ hubby runnin’ right to the beers and watchin’ the next football game in his dirty college-style living room.

Sorry. Truth hurts.

 But. Connect with your fitness vision?  And you’re all set to go.

But hey. Before we even continue on how to do this, maybe there’s a quick fact we should touch on?

Why would this be the answer to your 10+ year problem?

 Welp. Good thing you asked.

 Do you ever notice how you feel when you sign up for a new gym?  Or trainer?  Or any type of healthy-eating plan?

Are ya really happy?  Nope. You’re not.

First thing coming to your mind?

“Ugh. Man. Meal prep.

No. Training sessions.

I’m just going to be so fat in front of all the 6-pack fanatics screaming pain in their reps and sets. What is wrong with me? ?  Why did I even do this?? “

Now you get the picture.

Now you’re aware. But more importantly, now you’re connected.

See what we did there? 

 Now we can tell you all the 4-1-1 to get you connected to your fitness regime, and you’ll use it.

Drum roll please. Here are the goods!

 Biggest tip you can ever have when it comes to fitness. I’m talkin’ ‘bout mouth falling open, slapping hands against the cheeks, gasping shocked tip.

 Are ya ready. Here it is.

 You’re about to be amazed. So get ready to be so mad at yourself because the tip’s been right under your nose.

 Not everyone’s made for the gym, not everyone’s made for the home workouts, and not everyone’s made for the outdoors.

 … Did I really just say that? 

 Yup. I did.

  If you want to really connect with your fitness routine,

you have to see where you love to be.

 Working out is not supposed to feel like a chore. I repeat. Never a chore. Okay?

You’re supposed to be pumped about your workouts! Knowing the end goal, pumped like a real Jersey veteran when tracking your progress, and wide grins for every win!

So. Not next week, not next year.

TODAY. Go see today where you love to workout.

You ever heard how clean homes mean a clean mind?

The way of your home is the way you are everywhere?

 Yeah. Same here with your jiggy fit life.

 See where you love to be when you workout, and the body & mind will thank you, sugar cakes.

Go with it. Get cray cray.

And let us know where you love to workout! We’d love to hear it!

Hand us the 4-1-1 at our private group ImVure™’s Creative Community and tell where you love to hang when you get your fit on!

As we always say.

Be blessed, don’t be stressed, and enjoy your freedom.

Your fit life is what you make it. Time to make it amazing. Reach for the life you love.

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