Are bad habits messing with your chocolate cake?

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Written by Nastasya Rose

Okay. You know when you’re going for that ‘healthy lifestyle’, and you’re so super pumped about it you can’t even stand?

Then all of a sudden, that chocolate cake with mousse covering just floods your kitchen?


All of a sudden, the #dietstartstomorrow hashtag pops up in your head.

Don’t worry. This article’s about to help you out.

Why do you think you’re getting into this cycle you can’t escape?

Say hello to bad habits!

And do you think those bad habits are forever gonna stay there?

Not necessarily.

So what does that mean?  You’re in luck! Yes! Give your friend a high-five!

This means if you finally get a handle on your bad habits, you can have better reactions to handle that chocolate cake!

So now, before we get to the goods when it comes to saying “bye Felicia” to that scrumptious cake, let’s cover why you should even care.

Now, coming from someone who lost 20 pounds in 30 days from the magic superpowers of detox & love for fitness (damn Nelly!) ,

let me just say your connection with fitness helps with any heavy or non-heavy health condition. Just consult with your primary care physician.

Know this. We aren’t docs with MD’s here.

We can tell you all day about the life-saving benefits. At the end of the day, anything we recommend you should consult with your primary care physician.

Now. Back to the program!

See, when I was trying to lose weight after my son’s birth and congestive heart failure diagnosis,

It was super duper hard. Even the water I drank stuck to me.

 But then, I started doing my homework. All the exciting news of detox, and seeing the weight people were losing, had me pumped up.

Then finally, I started taking my personal growth to the next level.

I started showing up to growth seminars in person.

 This, my friends, is what changed my life, got me connected to my positive inner growth, and bam. 20 pounds gone in 30 days.

 Everything in life is a stepping-stone. If you really care that much to fix your ways, you’ve got to connect with this gorgeous Earth to make it happen.

Not hide in your blinds-closed home, scarfing Doritos, saying “Why me? “ to the Notebook sobbing because you’re not as fit as Ryan Gosling or Rachel McAdams.

Once this is done? Once you’re connected with the Universe in your fitness goals?

You can be better. Feel better. Give better.

You finally get proud of who you see in the mirror.

 So. Let this eye-opener empower you to rid the bad habits inviting that delish chocolate monstrosity in your kitchen.

 Take this life-saving tip to knock those nostril-flaring bad habits away.

 Next time you go after the chocolate cake?

STOP. Stop right there. Operate like a cop just pulled you over!

What would that cop ask you?  For your license and registration, right?

Good. Create an assessment for yourself, every time you say STOP.

Now. This may take some time. So please, don’t be hard on yourself, buttercup.

If breaking bad habits healed overnight, it wouldn’t still be a hot topic decades later.

Give yourself time.

 Iif you’re impatient?  Like me?  Set yourself a deadline date! This does wonders.

 I give myself deadline dates for things all the darn time.

Whenever I don’t hit that date?  I get FOCUSED. And when I mean focused?  I mean in-the-zone-so-you-better-not-bother-me-unelss-it’s-helping-me-hit-this-goal focused.

There’s nothing wrong with getting in that zone.

If it helps you sleep better at night?  Remind yourself one thing, boo thang. If you write it down to hang in your mirror and peep every morning, I don’t care.

Let yourself know this affirmation right here, baby cakes.

“Everything I do is for the ones I love. Everything I’m creating in my life is to rise up with my squad I love and adore. I’m doing this for my crew.”

Do that?  And I promise you. You’ll get far. You won’t feel so bad anymore when you’re focused.

Clearly, if your kid’s running around with a poopy diaper and screaming “Hey change me heller”, then that’s different. Take the time to let your loved ones know you love them.

But communicate with them. Let them know you’re up to something huge. And this is for the greater good of the bond.

You tell them that?  And the ones really about your success, will keep being about your success. No matter what.

And that’s it, tough stuff!

And remember. You got this. I believe in you 1000%. Yes. I said 1000. Not a typo.

 You can do absolutely anything you set your sweet cheeks up to.

Time to break those bad habits, and be that sexy favorite Kardashian of yours.

I believe in you, so now you believe in you. Go get ‘em.

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